• The Biology department held a holiday party at the Howard Park ice rink in downtown South Bend! 







  • Jayme Hentig, a graduate student in Dr. David Hyde's lab, previously worked as a medic in the Army. In 2010, he went from caregiver to patient after an accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury. Now, he is working with zebrafish to better understand how and why brain cells regenerate. Find out more HERE


  • BGSO hosted a writing workshop with Dr. Gopen, which was open to all STEM graduates, undergraduates, and post-docs! With around 150 participants, we learned new skills to better convey our writing with full clarity, meaning, and power! To learn more about Dr. Gopen and his writing techniques, check out his website HERE

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  • Biology graduate student, Meghan Forstchen, was featured in a video about her research! As a member of Dr. Jason Rohr's lab, she studies schistosomiasis, a parasitic disease that infects 200 million people annually and claims 200,000 lives. Find out more HERE


  • Kathleen Nicholson, a graduate student in Dr. Patricia Champion's lab, is a current fellow of the Eck Institute for Global Health. A Q&A was regarding her research, future plans, and more can be found HERE 


  • Nina Kikel, a graduate student in Dr. Cody Smith's lab, was featured in a video talking about her discovery of a previously undetected cell in the heart that may contribute to dysautonomia! Find out more HERE