Pete Stuckey

Pete is a 4th-year graduate student in the Santiago-Tirado Lab, studying the intracellular interactions of Cryptococcus neoformans and host cells. His interests include everything outdoors, beer, whiskey, dogs, and sports.






Vice President



Camille Mosley

Camille is a 3rd year student in the Jones Lab. Their research focuses on recreational fisheries dynamics. Camille is co-president of the Black Graduate Student Association. Camille’s hobbies include cooking, fishing, hiking, and anything related to lake life.











Ethan Brown

Ethan is a 2nd year student in the Rohr lab. His research focuses on modeling primary and secondary impacts of contaminants in streams using food webs and credal networks. Ethan’s hobbies include playing D&D, brewing beer, and being a cat dad.









Nitin Vincent

Nitin is a 2nd year student in the Pfrender lab. He primarily studies the mechanism of resistance to Tetrodotoxin in Caddisflies, as well as the ecological impacts of Tetrodotoxin resistance. Nitin enjoys watching and playing soccer, watching movies and TV, and eating more food than he should.




GSU Rep and Professional Development Chair:



Madison Schmidtmann

Madison is a fourth year student in the D’Souza-Schorey lab. Her research aims to understand the transition from pre-invasive breast ductal carcinoma in situ to invasive breast carcinoma. Outside of the lab, Madison enjoys running with her dog, exploring local bakeries and coffee shops, and dancing.






Outreach Chair



Marya Poterek

Marya is a 3rd year graduate student in the Perkins lab. Her research is focused on developing mathematical models of infectious disease, and she is particularly interested in co-circulating and co-infecting pathogen dynamics across spatial scales. Outside of the lab, she enjoys running, reading, swimming, and eating bagels.




Activities Chair



Theodore Reed

Theo is a 2nd year graduate student in the D’Souza-Schorey lab.  His research is focused on understanding the mechanism that tumor microvesicles use to modulate the immune response through macrophage polarization.  When he isn’t in the lab, Theo enjoys going for runs, traveling, and practicing piano.





Recruitment Co-Chair



Alexis Korotasz

Alexis is a 3rd year student in the Rohr lab. Her research focuses on understanding how community level factors affect the transmission of the chytrid fungus Bsal in both aquatic and terrestrial environments. In her free time, Alexis enjoys herping, hiking, baking, and hanging out with her dog.





Recruitment Co-Chair



Haley Dahlhoff

Haley is a 3rd year student in the Ferdig lab. Her research focuses on drug dose response and in vitro fitness phenotypes of malaria using genetic crosses. Haley enjoys rollercoasters, sleeping in, and spending time with friends.





Social Media & Webmaster Chair



Rachel Cronin

Rachel is a 4th year graduate student in the Champion lab. Her research focuses on uncovering the functional relationships of ESX-1 substrates in Mycobacterium marinum. Outside of the lab she enjoys running, hiking, reading, and spending time with friends.












DEI representative



Chelsea Southworth

Chelsea is a 2nd year student in the Archie Lab. Her research is with the Amboseli baboons, and focuses on the intersections of the gut microbiome, behavior, and hormones in the context of female reproduction. She enjoys fieldwork, learning how to draw and paint, playing Zoom D&D, and snuggling with her now 10 lb foster fail cat.




Prof. Shaun W. Lee

Faculty Advisor

Prof. Shaun W. Lee

Bacterial Pathogenesis and Competition

Professor Lee studies the production and function of antimicrobials and human toxins produced by bacteria, with special focus on Group A Streptococcus. Click here to learn more about his lab and research.