Theo Reed President Ccexpress



Theo Reed




Theo is a 2nd year student in the Boone lab and his research is focused on immunology and microbiology in Inflammatory Bowel Disease models. He also plays trumpet in the Notre Dame Symphony Orchestra. When he isn't in lab, Theo enjoys going for runs, traveling, and practicing piano.






Madison Schmidtmann Vice President Ccexpress

Vice President

Madison Schmidtmann


Madison is a 4th year student in the D'Souza-Schorey lab. Her research focuses on the transition from pre-invasive breast carcinoma to invasive breast carcinoma. Madison's hobbies include hiking, listening to true crime podcasts, volunteering for STEM mentorship programs, running, and taking care of plants.









Winski Chris 3 Christopher Winski Ccexpress


Chris Winski


Chris is a 3rd year student in the Santiago-Tirado lab where he studies the human fungal pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans. His research is specifically focused on PDR-type ABC transporters involved in antifungal resistance and host interactions. Outside of lab, Chris enjoys running.







Alex Boomgarden

Alex is a 3rd year student in the D'Souza-Schorey lab.




GSU Rep and Professional Development Chair


Bradley Ccexpress

Bradley Jones


Bradley is a 2nd year student in the Champion lab. His research focuses on how acetylation of mycobacterial proteins works to promote mycobacterial virulence and pathogenesis. In his free time, Bradley enjoys running, playing trivia, and working on home improvement projects.




Outreach Chair



Gabriella (Bella) Tyler


Bella is a 2nd year in the Hyde lab. Bella studies how astrocytes and microglia contribute to the regeneration of dopaminergic neurons in zebrafish. Outside of lab, Bella enjoys outdoor activities such as nature walks and going to the beach. Additionally, she likes to collect antiquities, such as furniture and books.




Activities Chair



Manar Alkuzweny


Manar is a first year student in the Perkins lab where she studies mathematical modeling of interventions against dengue. Manar's hobbies include reading, cooking, and watching movies.





Recruitment Co-Chair

Gus Casual Headshot Owen Collars


Gus Collars


Gus is a second year student in the Champion lab. His research is focused on how post-translational modifications impact virulence in mycobacteria. Outside of lab, Gus enjoys hiking, watching movies, and playing video games.






Recruitment Co-Chair



Ellsa Wongso


Ellsa is a first year student in the Flores-Mireles lab, where she studies polymicrobial interactions and co-biofilm formations in CAUTIs. Ellsa enjoys watching movies, going to Disneyland, and trying out new foods.





Social Media & Webmaster Chair



Hannah Gordon


Hannah is a 2nd year student in the Smith lab. Her research focuses on microglia death following debris clearance in a developmental zebrafish model. Outside of lab, Hannah enjoys baking, playing Nintendo games, and spending time with her cats, Mochi and Miso.











DEI Representative

Img 7082 Elise Snyder Ccexpress


Elise (Ellie) Snyder


Ellie is a 3rd year student and is co-advised by Dr. Tank and Dr. Lamberti. Her research focuses on understanding species distributions through the transport and fate of environmental DNA. Ellie's hobbies include trying new recipies, running, rock climbing, reading books with dragons, and convincing her dog that dead leaves aren't food.





First Year Representative



Emily Selland


Emily is a 1st year student in the Rohr Lab. Her research focuses on the impacts of agriculture on aquatic biodiversity and schistosomiasis transmission. Emily enjoys running, hiking, rock climbing, eating pancakes, and cheering on the Boston Patriots.


Shaun Lee

Faculty Advisor

Prof. Shaun W. Lee

Molecular Microbiology and Biosynthesis of Peptide Therapeutics

Professor Lee research is focused on understanding of the mechanisms behind bacteriocin production and its role in influencing microbial dynamics and host pathogenesis Click here to learn more.